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PCDubai offers a wide range of high-end and advanced quality graphic products and gaming pcs in UAE. We are amongst the leading online gaming PC store offering customers a wide range of products under one roof. Whether you seek to purchase a Gaming PC Builder, Custom Gaming PCAssembled Gaming PC, Water-cooling PC, Rendering PC, Workstation PCComputer ComponentsGaming Headset, or a Gaming Mouse, we are a one-stop-shop for all your gaming requirements. Commenced operations in 2002, we take pride in our long 18 years of expertise in offering the best and largest gaming product selection for experiencing the ultimate gaming world. Our high performing custom build computers, supportive devices, and storage expansion equipment are built using reliable Asian and European technologies. By clearly understanding your desire and being abreast of the advancing technologies, we offer everything you need at affordable prices. 

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Are you an expert gamer or looking for a perfect gaming setup to enjoy that latest and trending high-resolution games? PCDubai is the ideal solution to satiate all your gaming needs. In order to dive into the gaming world, you need a wholesome

atmosphere. We aim to provide a next-level experience through our varied products such as gaming chairs, headsets, custom gaming computers, and much more. With an eye for innovation, we continuously strive to expand our product base with trending technologies to provide professional products. You can also improve your existing gaming setup with our extensive range of components, hardware, and accessories. To know more about our extensive collection, visit our website today! 

Techno Plaza Computer trading LLC Ground Floor #G5, 

Al Mankhool Road Next to Al Fahidi Metro Station – Dubai 

+971 58 828 3067, +971 4 3330 595 

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